How to Give a Foot Massage

Our feet are a very important part, and it is that all the body weight falls on them, so it is normal that at the end of the day, we ache or feel some discomfort in areas such as the floor or heel. And a great way to alleviate these ailments is through a good massage that exerts the necessary pressures to relax all the muscles of the feet. It is best to do it at night before going to sleep to notice its effects the next day.


Steps to follow:

  1. Before starting with the foot massage, the ideal is to let them soak in warm water for approximately 10 minutes. This way you will be completely clean and the massage will be much more pleasant.
  2. After 10 minutes, dry your feet with a clean dry towel and sit on a chair. In the event that the massage is for another person, ask him to lie on a stretcher or bed and place a towel just under his feet.
  3. Now you should apply a little cream or massage oil on your hands and rub them between them so that the product warms slightly. Perform this step just before spreading the lotion on the feet.
  4. Next, start massaging one foot. Caress the upper part by gentle movements that go from the fingers to the ankle and, once done, descend to the sole of the foot. It is important that the intensity of the caresses be progressive, and go from more to less pressure.
  5. After having made the different caresses, you have to perform circular movements with the thumbs of your hands on the sole of the foot. Do it from the top or instep down and regulating the pressure of the movement, that is, making more pressure in areas such as the heel.
  6. Then, hold the foot with one hand and with the other, turn it carefully in both directions. Repeat this movement up to 4 times in each direction. Then, knead it with your fist but always regulating the pressure you exert so that it is not too intense or causes discomfort.
  7. Then you have to knead the foot with the fingertips. Start from the big toe and continue on each of the fingers until the pinky ends. The direction of movement is the same for each of the fingers, you have to start the movement through the base and apply gentle pressure until you reach the tip of each finger.
  8. When you have finished kneading each of your fingers, stroke the instep and sole of the foot again, applying less and less pressure. To finish the foot massage, you just have to clean the cream or oil used with a towel and leave it completely dry. Then, you must perform the same process with the other foot, and voila!

If you liked this article, in a How you can also see how to give good massages in other parts of the body:

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Aromatherapy Massage

Here the techniques of ancient Oriental culture meet with the Western technique. This is the only aromatherapy that is one of the natural therapies and includes the benefits of herbs and traditional treatments. Essential oils can be used in several ways: for evaporation, bathing, – directly, as a massage oil.

This long, smoothing massage with oil makes the whole body relax. Muscle and joint muscles release all tension and stiffness, tissue metabolic processes and oxygen supply improve as blood and lymph circulation increase, tension in the muscle tissues loosens and the body is in complete relaxation. Oil fills valuable nutrients into the skin. The effect of massage is felt even after several days of treatment. It is specially recommended for stressful, tense or anxious guests.

After massage, do not shower for 4-5 hours, because about 45-60% of the oil is absorbed under the massage, the rest just after it. The duration of treatment is 60 and 90 minutes.

Details of aromatic oils

Aroma means scent, therapy means treatment. Aromatherapy is therefore a treatment that exerts its (medicinal) effect on the massage of essential oils in the skin. The essential oils give the distinctive scent of the flowers and fruits of the plants. Essential oil that plays an important role in plant survival is also called the “life force” of the plant. For example, 5 tons of rose petals, 1 kg of rose oil are produced.

Mixing essential oils: Two types of vegetable oil are distinguished. Essential oils and oily oils.
Essential oils should be diluted every time. The amount of essential oil that you get for a massage can be up to 25-30 drops, there must always be a dominant oil that is 8 to 10 drops, and you can even add 4-5 kinds of oil in it properly. Essential oils should not be used intensively. Base oils are fatty oils that are used to dilute essential oils. Base oils are also particularly useful for skin care, massage and rubbing.

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Balinese Massage With Bamboo Sticks

Balinese massage has its origins in Bali and is a combination of several Asian techniques: Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Ayurvedic. The technique includes numerous maneuvers designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage (slow, slow maneuvers), to achieve muscle relaxation (deep maneuvers), to relieve tensions at the articular level (mild manipulations).
bodymassage (2)
All these techniques are meant to restore the balance and harmony of the physical – mental – emotional body, by unblocking the energy and physical plane of certain areas.

Balinese massage with bamboo sticks is a combination of Balinese techniques and techniques made with bamboo sticks. . Bamboo sticks of different sizes and polished differentials are used, depending on the body area to be applied and the massage techniques they are used for (rotation, sliding, pressing, rolling).

They work (on energy meridians) with delicate and deep pressures, so that stagnant energy is released from the joints through manipulations, flexions, extensions. Sports exercises bring an energetic flow to the whole body and give vitality to the body.

Balinese massage with bamboo sticks is especially recommended for people who suffer from muscle pain, chronic muscle contractions, joint problems and reduced mobility of upper and lower limbs, athletes.

The combination of the two techniques (Balinese Massage and Bamboo Massage) make this massage a true ritual of reconnection.

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Wellness Beauty Full Body to Body Massage Hall in Delhi

Baths that are common in Turkish and eastern cultures can be presented in the concept that more diversity is together today. This business model is more consistent in terms of reducing costs and also has the chance to organize cheaper baths and massage campaigns.

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Massage Therapy Services and Massage Methods

Massage in delhi from the daytime with some cheap baths and massage campaigns; is a comprehensive relief operation applied by hand or any mechanical or electrical device in any way, such as pressing or kneading, rubbing, touching, hitting, vibrating, moving, touching or stimulating the soft tissues of the body. For purposes other than the licensed practice of limited arms of medicine, auxiliary substances such as oil, cream, lotion, ointment or other similar preparations can be widely used in massage operations, which is part of the diversity of body to body massage in greater kailash.

Turkish Baths and Massage Halls Are Now Together

Hammam or body to body massage parlour in delhi; It is located in a more comprehensive center with all kinds of massage and baths such as shower, steam bath, sauna, bath tub, hot stone massage, seaweed bath, aromatic therapies. Many cheap hammams and massage campaigns are made in these businesses, massage therapists and massage specialists. Turkish baths and body massage parlour in delhi are open spaces for public baths, massage and bathing in a different way, such as bathing, salt therapy. Unlike massage rooms, there are activities such as bathing with hot water and soap and having foam full body massage in turkish baths and Fin baths.

Cheap baths and massage campaigns are opportunities that should not be missed. The benefit of having to go at least once a week is too much to take with money. If you think that the most important thing in life is health, a small budget for bath and full body to body massage in delhi will mean the greatest investment you can make yourself.

Full Body to Body Massage Centres in Kailash Colony Delhi

Classic female to male body to body massage in delhi with essential oils of choice, plus reflexology of the soles and face massage (60 minutes in total)

Classic female to male body to body massage in delhi with essential oils of choice, plus reflexology of the soles and face massage (60 minutes in total)

Contact: +91 8851563452

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Want to escape from the stress and tension that is an inevitable companion in everyday life of each of us? Give yourself some relaxation in the hands of body to body massage in delhi by female therapy specialists!

• Relaxing full body to body massage in delhi on the back, arms and neck (30 minutes)
• Healing massage on the back, arms and neck (30 minutes)
• Relaxing or healing massage on the back, arms and neck, plus aromatherapy (30 minutes in total)
• Classic body massage in delhi (50 minutes)
• Classical full body massage in delhi plus aromatherapy (50 minutes total)

More about massages:

Healing massage
Massage is an irritating therapy and has the common goal of lifting the body’s vital tone or of removing certain functional disorders that arise from painful processes. In the first place, the massage effects the skin by mechanically separating the skin from the skin (flakes) of the upper skin layer, which in turn improves the skin breathing and enhances the secretory processes of the fat and sweat glands, and thanks to the massage the skin vessels expand and the blood circulation the skin improves, therefore improves the nutrition of the skin and its glands. Local skin temperature is increased. The nerve endings under the influence of skin massage affect the entire nervous system, influencing reflexively the redistribution of blood in the body. Muscle massage gives you greater working capacity and durability.

Massage gives the muscles more than normal rest because the 5-minute massage has a greater impact on them than the 20-minute rest. After a 5-minute massage, the working capacity of the tired muscles increases from 3 to 7 times. Massage has a direct impact on blood vessels and lymph vessels that lie superficially or close to the skin. The action of the massage extends more on the capillaries of the skin and on the peripheral vessels. Massage acts primarily on the peripheral nervous system (PFS). The different ways of massage act differently to the nervous system. Some of them annoy and excite her, others calm her.

Essential oils are rubbed onto the skin by massage movements. By this method they quickly fall into the bloodstream and have a completely beneficial effect on the functions of the body. Especially designed oils are for topical application on areas affected by stretch marks, cellulitis, and obesity. Inhalation or inhalation is another way of introducing oils into the body. This is done through the upper respiratory tract and is used in cases where the oils are in a volatile condition. It is suitable for various infectious diseases, transmitted by air-droplet route such as influenza, as well as for laryngitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis.

Massage as a Therapy

Massage is one of the ancient, highly effective touch therapies that the Western world has long forgotten. Whether used as a relaxation method or as a complex detoxification method, it is very troublesome, including pain relief. This is why they are increasingly used everywhere in the world.

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Massage base

The effectiveness of body massage in delhi is in the bloodstream stimulation, the relaxation of nerves and muscles, and the psychological benefits of feeling “care for me”. From the Swedish massage with powerful movements, there are a lot of variations to the technique of gentle gestures that do not even notice we are massaging us.

Not only the entire body can be massaged, but a smaller body surface, such as the shoulders and the neck. It’s the most effective body to body massage in delhi to work your whole back. The bottom line of the series shows the most important features that are taught in leading massage schools. They can be used at any age for any kind of patient, including infants and young children.

The person to be massaged lies on a comfortable but solid surface in a warm room. It’s a good five if we hold some large towels on your hands to cover the patient so that we do not get cold during treatment. The masseuse uses neutral oil to massage, so that your hands slip easily on the skin of your patient (you can choose from a wide range of massage oils).

What is a good massage?

Full Body massage in delhi is an effective method for treating headache, migraine, depression, tiredness, tonsillitis, neck pain, backache, cough, bronchitis, pleural effusion, emphysema, asthma, coronary artery disease, circulatory problems, stomach ache, constipation, gingivitis, musculoskeletal pain, hives, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot and ankle pain, gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, Bechterew’s disease, eczema and dermatitis, psoriasis, pregnancy and childbirth, and cancer pain.

Dry Water Massage

water massageFor those of you who hear this type of massage for the first time, perhaps the combination of words sounds strange and confusing. Imagine lying on the water of the tropical sea while making you a relaxing massage. A warm wool touches your body, and during this incredible experience you stay dry. The dry water massage rests on a specially adapted water massage bed, the equipment of which allows any massage or procedure without the massager and the client being in contact with the water. The bed is equipped with a water pillow and is adapted to combine different types of body to body massage in delhi. Standard dry water massage beds are equipped with an average of 6 underwater nozzles generating a water jet, sliding along the lower limbs from the foot to the thigh. The nozzles have a pulsating function, with the possibility to program the running time and stop before starting the dry water massage. Activated 5 to 10 minutes after a normal dry water massage, gives a great feeling of lightness to the feet and helps the overall good physical sensation. Thanks to “dry water massage”, metabolism is stimulated, muscles relax and tension is eliminated. The procedure combines the positive effects of water massage and thermotherapy. The heat of the water penetrates deep into a body. Relieves pains and perceptions and improves the condition of various illnesses as well as general physical condition. Blood circulation stimulates and your whole body enjoys the carefully metered water power. Massage from head to toe without getting wet and without stripping, easy and comfortable. The procedure may last from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on whether you need a longer massage. During the massage, it lies on a special elastic surface that assumes entirely the anatomical curves of the body. This pleasant relaxation is combined with a magnificent massage. The water jets massaged by exerting pressure on the body through the elastic membrane without direct contact with the water. For relaxation to be complete, dry water massage can be combined with chromotherapy, with a special system built into the bed with changing colors. The average duration of the cycle is about 15 minutes and in most cases the color therapy begins with the red color and ends with green. Water massage beds can be for individual procedures as well as for procedures in combination with a therapist. They are also suitable for therapeutic and medical centers. Induction massage beds are equipped with a control panel and by pressing different buttons the customer can manage the water temperature, strength and consistency of the massage, its intensity, and choose a suitable program for partial or complete body massage in delhi.

In the case of a therapist, the dry water massage procedure can be supplemented by other partial or complete procedures – manual massage at a specific area of  the body or point massage for the duration of the main massage or thanks to the warmth and the effect of the chromotherapy Different types of body wrapping can be applied to maximize relaxation and gentle skin care, and you can also wait with a mask on your face lying on the waterbed. The original system of this bed allows the body to stay connected to the soft pad on the table, ensuring perfect contact between the massage hands and the skin of the client. There are many variations and each spa can offer you numerous variations in the operation of this type of water massage bed – from the option to control the massage process yourself to the participation of a therapist in whose hands and care to enjoy the most and to discover the true meaning of Relaxation.

In spas in Delhi, however, it is possible to meet under different terms and names the water beds for dry massage and the procedure itself. One of the names is so-called. Hydro-jet – so called water massage bed.

Full Body Massage Center in Delhi

They are usually full body massages from the feet to the scalp, integrating the techniques of the various massages, with relaxing and therapeutic properties. A conscious work of energy and breathing is done to achieve a state of internal peace and a very deep relaxation.

Massage Center in delhi

Massages are probably one of the best inventions in history, which has remained over time and has evolved in a surprising way. Massages serve not only to relax the body and mind of people, but also have properties to combat certain injuries or discomforts.

Nowadays there are two ways to perform massages: in a completely manual way or using appliances. At our Massage Center in Delhi we use both techniques, thanks to a prepared team and the best devices of the moment.

If you want to receive a massage at our center, request a prior appointment through any of the means published here.

Phone and WhatsApp: +91 9205404476

Address: : TDI Mall, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027

Full Body Massage Therapy in Delhi

Wellness Spa offers a variety of body massage treatments with Jacuzzi bath for men.


Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Massage therapy is a combination of science and art. Provides a relaxing experience, restores the mind and body, eliminates stress. Massage of its roots is drawn from ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indian and Egyptian times.

Today, if you want a massage, you can choose between 80 different massage styles with various forms of pressure and movement. All this includes pressure, rubbing, muscle stimulation and soft tissue with the hands and fingers. Sometimes even the forearms, knees or feet are used.

Massage was used by the doctor to cure tiredness, illness and injury. Full Body Massage Delhi is effective only if practiced with knowledge of blood circulation and human anatomy. Then the massage works as a therapy and has many health benefits.

More and more people recognize the health benefits of massage. They choose between a number of massage styles to ease the symptoms of the disease or cure certain types of injuries.