Dry Water Massage

water massageFor those of you who hear this type of massage for the first time, perhaps the combination of words sounds strange and confusing. Imagine lying on the water of the tropical sea while making you a relaxing massage. A warm wool touches your body, and during this incredible experience you stay dry. The dry water massage rests on a specially adapted water massage bed, the equipment of which allows any massage or procedure without the massager and the client being in contact with the water. The bed is equipped with a water pillow and is adapted to combine different types of body to body massage in delhi. Standard dry water massage beds are equipped with an average of 6 underwater nozzles generating a water jet, sliding along the lower limbs from the foot to the thigh. The nozzles have a pulsating function, with the possibility to program the running time and stop before starting the dry water massage. Activated 5 to 10 minutes after a normal dry water massage, gives a great feeling of lightness to the feet and helps the overall good physical sensation. Thanks to “dry water massage”, metabolism is stimulated, muscles relax and tension is eliminated. The procedure combines the positive effects of water massage and thermotherapy. The heat of the water penetrates deep into a body. Relieves pains and perceptions and improves the condition of various illnesses as well as general physical condition. Blood circulation stimulates and your whole body enjoys the carefully metered water power. Massage from head to toe without getting wet and without stripping, easy and comfortable. The procedure may last from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on whether you need a longer massage. During the massage, it lies on a special elastic surface that assumes entirely the anatomical curves of the body. This pleasant relaxation is combined with a magnificent massage. The water jets massaged by exerting pressure on the body through the elastic membrane without direct contact with the water. For relaxation to be complete, dry water massage can be combined with chromotherapy, with a special system built into the bed with changing colors. The average duration of the cycle is about 15 minutes and in most cases the color therapy begins with the red color and ends with green. Water massage beds can be for individual procedures as well as for procedures in combination with a therapist. They are also suitable for therapeutic and medical centers. Induction massage beds are equipped with a control panel and by pressing different buttons the customer can manage the water temperature, strength and consistency of the massage, its intensity, and choose a suitable program for partial or complete body massage in delhi.

In the case of a therapist, the dry water massage procedure can be supplemented by other partial or complete procedures – manual massage at a specific area of  the body or point massage for the duration of the main massage or thanks to the warmth and the effect of the chromotherapy Different types of body wrapping can be applied to maximize relaxation and gentle skin care, and you can also wait with a mask on your face lying on the waterbed. The original system of this bed allows the body to stay connected to the soft pad on the table, ensuring perfect contact between the massage hands and the skin of the client. There are many variations and each spa can offer you numerous variations in the operation of this type of water massage bed – from the option to control the massage process yourself to the participation of a therapist in whose hands and care to enjoy the most and to discover the true meaning of Relaxation.

In spas in Delhi, however, it is possible to meet under different terms and names the water beds for dry massage and the procedure itself. One of the names is so-called. Hydro-jet – so called water massage bed.


Author: wellnessspa

Wellness Spa Massage Center in Delhi is a center that works exclusively for the care and welfare of the body to improve your day. It is a center that wanted to join the benefits of massage and beauty unisex for the convenience of its customers.

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